On 2018-05-15 14:47 -0400, Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
> On 05/15/2018 11:46 AM, Julio Rojas wrote:
>     On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 5:18 PM, Richard Kimberly Heck <rikih...@lyx.org>
>     wrote:
>         On 05/11/2018 03:37 PM, Jim Rockford wrote:
>         > In my 20+ years in the world of science, I have not known a single
>         > user of Lyx (~50 in total) who wasn't computer savvy.  Why not just
>         > include a warning message that Lyx 2.3.0 may not function properly
>         > with MiKTeX distributions that have not been updated as recently as
>         > some specific date?
>         That is more or less what was proposed by most of the development 
> team:
>         A warning at start-up, that LyX was going to update MikTeX, with an
>         option for the user to abort the install if they wish. The person
>         responsible for the Windows packages refused to include such a 
> warning,
>         and we did not think updating people's other software without asking
>         permission to do so was something we should do. So that has left us in
>         a
>         bad position.
>         We are working now to try to produce a Windows installer.
>         Unfortunately,
>         none of the active development team use Windows, so it is taking 
> longer
>         than it otherwise might. We'd certainly welcome help from someone who
>         does use Windows.
>         Riki
>     And this is why I couldn't care less about MikTeX and have been using
>     TeXlive on my Windoze installations for a while. Is it possible to give 
> the
>     alternative to use Texlive instead of MikTex?
> You can use LyX with whatever installation you like, but the "bundle" 
> installer
> gives you MikTeX.
> Riki

I have MikTeX on my windows installation (LyX 2.2.3, 17/5/17) and it came
bundled.  I've been using LyX for about ten years and find it enormously
valuable, both at home on linux and at work on Windows. I can migrate a LyX file
from one to the other without much difficulty (though I don't do that very

However, the information that the bundle is bundling a specific version of LaTeX
is fairly new to me -- by which I mean that I have gradually come to know it
over the last few years, essentially as I install LyX whenever I have to move to
a new machine.

My install order on a Windows box is: emacs, cygwin, LyX, classic windows start
menu, mercurial and then I can start to breathe more comfortably :-)

But, joking aside, I used LaTeX about twenty years ago and found it valuable
then for a thesis with a lot of formulas in it. Nevertheless my background
knowledge of LaTeX didn't really include knowing that there are different
versions. That looks a lot like different linux distros, am I right?  And, I
guess that the choice works much the same way as for linux distros.  I choose
Mint, for example, while servers at work tend to be RHEL or related, and so on.

All this is very useful knowledge, doubtless I ought to have known it and
somehow I didn't.

Can I suggest that pointing Windows users at the relevant wiki page with all
this detail on it might help?

More generally I think that LyX does a very good job of hiding the fact that it
is using plenty of other tools to generate the end document.  Perhaps there is
scope to explain that as well.


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