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> > I have a colleague with whom I would like to write a book chapter. I am 
> > under Linux, he uses Windows. Is the following advice sufficient or should 
> > I mention more points?
> > 
> > Lyx for windows
> > https://wiki.lyx.org/Windows/Windows
> > 
> > 1- Installing TeXLive for Windows over Internet
> > https://www.tug.org/texlive/acquire-netinstall.html
> > use Custom install
> > and follow the proposal below the Texlive 2018 figure
> > Click install texlive
> This is the same advice I’d give. However, I’ve generally had bad luck 
> successfully installing TeXLive on Windows and still usually end up with 
> MiKTeX.  You might want to be prepared for this contingency. 
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I have linux at home and windows at work and I occasionally move a lyx file from
one to the other.  It is perfectly straightforward.  The key gotchas I can
recall are these and they are not serious:

- the lyx versions must be identical.

- if there are any special modules, both must be present in both places.

- the file might well look a little different in lyx on Windows and Linux.  This
  is not a real problem for me but might be if your colleague is not co-located
  with you.

- My Acrobat Reader on Windows is anti-social about closing the file. I always
  have to approve closing the existing version when I compile a new version.

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