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On 10/27/19 9:57 AM, Joel Kulesza wrote:
I have a colleague with whom I would like to write a book chapter. I am under Linux, he uses Windows. Is the following advice sufficient or should I mention more points?

Lyx for windows

1- Installing TeXLive for Windows over Internet
use Custom install
and follow the proposal below the Texlive 2018 figure
Click install texlive
This is the same advice I’d give. However, I’ve generally had bad luck successfully installing TeXLive on Windows and still usually end up with MiKTeX.  You might want to be prepared for this contingency.

- Joel
I am working with a coauthor on a paper, both using LyX. I'm on Linux + TeXLive; she's on Windows + MikTeX. We have had no problems with the collaboration, including using the change tracking features. So I agree with Joel that there is no need to mess with TeXLive on the Windows platform (where MikTeX is the more typical choice). Both parties just need to be sure they have any required packages installed.


I am overwhelmed by the many helpful advises. For the time being I will use my linux LyX and ask my colleague to use MikTeX, since at the start I want him to be able to read all my lyx notes in which I collected the results of new publications since the last edition in 2015. I remember a note where TeXLive was recommended over MikTeX for some reason. I guess this is no issue any more. I have to dig into the Github proposal for a possible later use. Does John's advice to use identical versions of LyX mean to use 2.3.3 (which I use) also under Windows? I did not find this version for MikTeX.

Thanks a lot to all of you,


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