On 27-Oct-19 3:18 PM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
I have a colleague with whom I would like to write a book chapter. I am under 
Linux, he uses Windows. Is the following advice sufficient or should I mention 
more points?

Lyx for windows

1- Installing TeXLive for Windows over Internet
use Custom install
and follow the proposal below the Texlive 2018 figure
Click install texlive

2- Download Current stable version 2.3.0 using standard installer 
LyX-230-Installer-005.exe (58 MB)

Open lyx and load the Photobiology-4th-Edition.lyx file which I will send you.

  *   I would recommend using Git / GitHub to both of you if you are going to 
work on one document. GitHub gives free private repos to researchers for 
non-profit work.
  *   For Windows, Microsoft did major updates to Windows and some versions of 
Windows cause issues. There are workarounds tough.
  *   I would recommend to consider MikTex as an alternative to TeXLive.
  *   I would recommend to install both MikTex and LyX for all users. Also I 
would recommend MikTeX to install packages on the fly without asking.
  *   I would recommend to install imagemagick with convert tool and define a 
converter from PDF to PNG with  convert -density 200 -trim -quality 100 
-sharpen 0x1.0 $$i $$o
  *   I suggest to use Sumatra PDF for PDF viewer and PDF XChange for PDF 
markup, edit and cropping.
  *   Dictionary files downloaded from the LyX installer may be corrupted. 
Hunspell dictionary files can be downloaded and place in the resources/dict 
folder manually.
  *   May need to edit the LyX file occasionally.  I suggest to use Notepad++ 
for that purpose.

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