Am 30.10.19 um 13:35 schrieb Baris Erkus:
On 28-Oct-19 10:30 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
Does John's advice to use identical versions of LyX mean to use 2.3.3
(which I use) also under Windows? I did not find this version for MikTeX.

This question is not clear. MikTeX and LyX are two seperate packages.
The latest version of LyX is compatible with the latest version of
MikTeX as I have tried it just yesterday on a fresh PC.

If you are asking if two LyX versions should be same or not, I think, if
you are using versions of 2.3.x, it should not be a problem, as I have
tried this with some of my students and we did not have an issue.

In my opinion, even if one of the LyX has version of LyX 2.2.x, and the
other is 2.3.x, it should not be a problem as long as both LyX programs
are setup and running properly. However, there maybe certain features in
versions 2.3.x that may not be available in 2.2.x, which may create some
warnings when opening in v 2.2.x. Maybe you should ask this as a
separate question to the list, if you are using an older version o LyX.

Thanks, Baris
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