On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 08:29:46PM +0200, Andreas Plihal wrote:
> Dear LYX community,
> I've sent you some inquiries in the past two weeks, but haven't
> received a response.
> I beg you to answer my question(s) in a solution-oriented manner - as
> most time in the past.
> For example, I gratefully remember J├╝rgen's (Spitzm├╝ller) quick and
> uncomplicated interventions!
> However, if my last problems I have raised are unsolvable, please let
> me know. Then at least I know my way around. But staying in the dark
> is very "uncomfortable" ...
> Or if I'm getting on your nerves with my inquiries, please tell me
> who I could turn to instead.
> Thanks very much!

Hi Andreas,

I think a lot of people are just busy. These days are quite difficult for a lot 
of people. We've had our schedules and commitments squeezed, stretched, and 
mixed all up. All of us are volunteers.

It sounds like you might be open to some constructive feedback. I remember that 
for one of your questions you did not post a minimal example. This makes it 
difficult to help. It's nice when the person who wants help tries to make it as 
easy as possible to help them. I think someone else pointed out that you did 
not post a minimal example and you replied "I had already radically shortened 
the LYX file." Well, that's still not a minimal example. And when someone is 
volunteering their time to help you and they point out how you could have made 
it easier, to get such a reply does not make other people want to jump in and 
spend time (often it takes a long time to solve and communicate a solution) to 
help you. For more information, you can study the following:


Please also read our list netiquette, in particular the top-posting versus 


To be clear, I'm not at all upset; I just mention the above since it sounded 
like you might be interested in what else you can do in the future to increase 
the chance of getting help. Unfortunately I'm ignorant in the area of your 

I hope someone finds a solution to the problem!


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