On 13-Sep-21 9:29 PM, Andreas Plihal wrote:
Dear LYX community,
I've sent you some inquiries in the past two weeks, but haven't received a response. I beg you to answer my question(s) in a solution-oriented manner - as most time in the past. For example, I gratefully remember Jürgen's (Spitzmüller) quick and uncomplicated interventions! However, if my last problems I have raised are unsolvable, please let me know. Then at least I know my way around. But staying in the dark is very "uncomfortable" ... Or if I'm getting on your nerves with my inquiries, please tell me who I could turn to instead.
Thanks very much!

Dear Andreas,

Unfortunately, people may not have knowledge or experience on the type of problem you are facing. And of course, people may be too busy to look at all questions as in my case.



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