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Quick answers since im on mobile:

a) it should, as it works with miktex and other distributions
b) apt should recognize every package installed as deb package, so the
easiest option is to look for a texlive 2021 in the BACKPORTS repository of
your distro, in this case mint, where newer version of packages can be
found if needed. If its not there you could manually install it from the
esperimental repository, even from ubuntu. As long as its packaged properly
apt should recognize it. I think lyx doesnt specify a version for texlive
package required, so anything it finds i believe its good.
c) absolutely: download the package without installing, edit the
dependencies (extract it and extract the control folder, edit control file
changing the dependencies section) repackage and install.
d) yes if your distro distributes texlive 2019. You can circumvent this
with b) and c). Apt makes 60000+ packages live peacefully, it a small
sacrifice to have slightly outdated software :)

Let me know if anything was unclear


Il ven 4 mar 2022, 00:07 Graeme via lyx-users <lyx-users@lists.lyx.org> ha

> I've just done a clean install of Linux Mint 20.3, and then a full
> install of TeXLive 2021, which cannot be done with the Mint's Synaptic
> Package Manager. Mint 20.3 includes TeXLive 2019 as part of its
> distribution, but I have not (yet) installed that version.
> The standard Plain TeX or LaTeX workflows seem to behave normally, so
> I'd now like to install LyX using the (unsupported) PPA
> available on Launchpad at ppa:lyx-devel/release.
> However, when I try to install it using Mint's Package Manager, it lists
> a number of standard TeX packages that it claims are necessary, and will
> not proceed unless I also install them. These include:
> tex-common
> tex-gyre
> texlive-base
> texlive binaries
> texlive-fonts recommended
> texlive-lang-greek
> texlive-latex-base
> texlive-latex-extra
> texlive-latex-recommended
> texlive-pictures
> texlive-plain-generic
> texlive-science
> tipa
> These are mostly TeXLive 2019 versions for which there are already
> TeXLive 2021 versions installed. I'd prefer not to have both 2019 and
> 2021 versions of TeXLive installed at the same time.
> This prompts a number of linked questions:
> a) Will LyX work OK with a TeXLive 2021 installation?
> b) Is there a way to force Mint's Package Manager to recognise the
> existence to TeXLive 2021 packages?
> c) Is there a way to install LyX without installing the TeXLive
> 2019 dependencies? (I'd prefer not to have to compile LyX from
> source.)
> d) If I want to install LyX with Mint's Package Manager, will
> this force me to use TeXLive 2019 instead?
> I would welcome advice on how to deal with this problem.
> Graeme
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