On 03/03/2022 22:59, Graeme wrote:
I've just done a clean install of Linux Mint 20.3, and then a full install of TeXLive 2021, which cannot be done with the Mint's Synaptic Package Manager. Mint 20.3 includes TeXLive 2019 as part of its distribution, but I have not (yet) installed that version.

The standard Plain TeX or LaTeX workflows seem to behave normally, so I'd now like to install LyX using the (unsupported) PPA available on Launchpad at ppa:lyx-devel/release.

However, when I try to install it using Mint's Package Manager, it lists a number of standard TeX packages that it claims are necessary, and will not proceed unless I also install them. These include:
texlive binaries
texlive-fonts recommended

These are mostly TeXLive 2019 versions for which there are already TeXLive 2021 versions installed. I'd prefer not to have both 2019 and 2021 versions of TeXLive installed at the same time.

This prompts a number of linked questions:

a) Will LyX work OK with a TeXLive 2021 installation?

b) Is there a way to force Mint's Package Manager to recognise the existence to TeXLive 2021 packages?

c) Is there a way to install LyX without installing the TeXLive 2019 dependencies? (I'd prefer not to have to compile LyX from source.)

d) If I want to install LyX with Mint's Package Manager, will this force me to use TeXLive 2019 instead?

I would welcome advice on how to deal with this problem.


Thanks to all the replies for their helpful comments.

Both Tobias and Kees suggested looking at the TeX User Group page advising how to integrate a vanilla TeX Live with a Debian-based version of Linux, such as Ubuntu, or Mint. This can be found at:

As I had already installed a full "vanilla" version of TeXLive 2021, I then followed the instructions given on that page. Specifically:

1. Using Mint's Synaptic Package Manager, I installed:
a) The texinfo, tex-common, and lmodern packages
(tex-common was a required dependency for texinfo, and lmodern is a set of postscript fonts that may not strictly be required.)
b) The equivs package of command-line tools.

I also added TeXLive's bin directory to the definition of ENV_PATH in /etc/login.defs. (I'm not sure this last step is strictly necessary for my system, as I believe it will only affect any new user accounts that are created subsequently, but it seems otherwise harmless.)

2. From a terminal window I used the equivs-control command to create create a plain text template file called texlive2021local. I then edited this file to include some basic information, and the list of packages provided by TeXLive 2021. This list is available at:

3. I used the equivs-build command to create a dummy package called texlive2021local_2021.999999-1_all.deb, using the information in the file texlive2021local.

4. I "installed" the dummy package using the command:
sudo dpkg -i texlive2021local_2021.999999-1_all.deb
A check with Mint's Package manager confirmed that the system now recognised a package called texlive2021local, with version number 2021.999999-1, and that this satisfied all the TeX-related dependencies needed to let me install LyX

5. Using Mint's Package Manager, I installed LyX, including the (now much shorter) list of non-TeX-specific dependencies.

I now have a working installation of LyX that uses my local installation of TeXLive 2021, so all seems good so far.

Thanks again for the helpful replies to my original query.


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