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> Verzonden: vrijdag 4 maart 2022 00:00
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> Onderwerp: Installing LyX on Linux MInt 20.3 with TeXLive 2021
> c) Is there a way to install LyX without installing the TeXLive
> 2019 dependencies? (I'd prefer not to have to compile LyX from
> source.)

You could follow the advice at https://tug.org/texlive/debian.html#vanilla
(Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu, which itself is a derivative of Debian),
and build a dummy package for texlive (2019), which tricks the Mint Package
Manager and the LyX installer into believing texlive is installed.
I think you can also use 2021 instead of 2019 for this dummy package if
texlive-2021 is not installed from a deb-package.


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