On 18/08/2022 14:16, Rich Shepard wrote:
On Thu, 18 Aug 2022, Daniel wrote:

1. Post a .lyx file that is more minimal (e.g. does not contain
unnecessary external material). Try to strip off everything that is
unnecessary, including preamble material.

2. The file should contain what does *not* work (e.g. you seem to suggest
that the problem is in a KOMA-Script article but your attached lyx file is
a KOMA-Script report).

3. State clearly what is the actual and expected result.


I did all this in my original post.

Hi Rich,

I don't know what original post you refer to. The threat started with the post I commented on which included a bit of superfluous stuff in the lyx-file.

1. I removed the extraneous preamble material.

This is what the preamble contained:


None of these are relevant to your problem, right? Meaning the problem appears even if you remove these lines.

In your document, you have an inserted graphic (pdf file). This doesn't seem relevant either. So, you could just remove it.

Also, it points to


which cannot work on other people's systems even if you provide that file. By the way, it will even stop working on your system if you move the project directory to another location. It might be better to use relative paths, starting from your document. Say you have the following structure:


Then you can use "../myimages/myimage.pdf" as your path referring to myimage.pdf relative to your mydoc.lyx. And other people will be able to straight away use your doc.lyx as long as you provide them with the whole myproject directory. But again, for your mwe.lyx, this doesn't have to be part of it.

I have seen that your seems to have gotten resolved already. So, I just wanted to give you this (not asked for) feedback on these other parts the mwe. It isn't meant as criticism. Just as a suggestion.

Kind regards,

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