I'm using LyX 1.5.4 on Leopard 10.5.2.

I have to work with Google Docs to keep a document reviewable by anyone at
Also it keeps the document in a standard format while being developed. It
can then be transformed to PDF, RTF or more for publishing. But no LaTeX
support yet.

The best project I've found so far in that respect is:

But it's not a public project.
I'm now trying to reproduce a workflow as straight forward as possible to go
from this original Google Docs document to a Lyx edited and published one.
I'm now playing with converters: GoogleDocs can do RTF or HTML.

I'd like to experiment the LyX RTF -> LaTeX converter, but I'm getting an
error even with a very straight forward RTF doc: 'An error occured whilst
running rtf2latex2e 'Untitled.rtf''.

I'm trying to use other converters by defining them through Preferences, but
it wouldn't let me add one.
How come? It sounds that I could have an HTML -> LaTeX converter.

What's your experience? What works best in terms of converting?


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