Charles de Miramon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>It uses sed (a command line search&replace that is standard on
> Unix). I guess it will work on Mac OS/X. 
> sh w2lclean Myconvertedfile.tex will create a temp-Myconvertedfile.tex that
> you can then import into LyX.

Dear Charles your naive confidence that anyone can do this has emboldened me to
study script composition. There is indeed sed in os x and it seems to follow the
rules you are using, as I could verify easily with the simplest uses of it, the
ones that simply print the modified text to the screen.  And cp and the use of
obnoxiously so-called variables seems to be the same: the framing you use to
capture the modified text (which I don't quite understand yet) does make a
quasi-copy of zeta.tex called temp-zeta.tex. Things go well as long as the
"find-and-replace"-like actions I put into your framing are like s/me/you/g or
s/Athens/Jerusalem/g . But the use of / and \ and ' in tex and in the scripting
language, if that's what you call it - each wanting to use them both as its own
proper symbols and as 'escaped' or however you put it - inevitably leads to an
impenetrable salad of slashes, and the solution that works for you seems to lead
to misunderstanding here. I sort of follow the difficulty as long as I am
thinking of latex only.

So I am studying, but must give up for the night. This is hard! I will get back
to you if I fall into despair.  It's exam week, so I will have ample raw
materials when the .doc term papers hit my electronic mailbox late Friday
afternoon. Perhaps by then I will be able, with the application of a few
skillfully executed keystrokes, to convert the whole directory-full of them into
a handsomely decorated volume in the Memoir class, each as a subordinate
chapter. yours ever Michael

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