Hi everyone,

sorry for the late reply, I wasn't receiving alerts for the thread.

Actually Charles' first reply was the only one I saw before today but was
useful enough.
I would give me a fairly straight forward GoogleDoc -> LaTeX process. I
started working my way from that point on.

I'm right now not fully understanding the detailed content of all the
replies, but as I have to write my doc in French, I understand the filtering
need :)

And finally, Luis' advice is the just great. I'll go for this. That really
seems to be the way to go.

But all in all, the weird thing is that I learn a lot about LaTeX in trying
to find out a good publishing solution for my GoogleDocs, and I don't feel I
really need LyX anymore.

It seems better to me to master html2latex and LaTeX itself. I use GoogleDoc
as a visual tool anyway :-/


Luis Rivera-3 wrote:
> Michael Thompson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Dear Charles, 
>> It is very cool grasping how to use sed in however a primitive way.  But
>> on
>> further investigation it seems one needs it for a LyX friendly use of
>> ``writer2latex'' only if the document has tables, math, images ... or
>> French. 
>> With a fairly wide but unscientifically chosen variety of English
>> documents, I
>> found that the desiderata of: 
>> (a) retaining crucial formatting that an English language Word or
>> OpenOffice or
>> docs.google user would likely employ 
>> and: 
>> (b) avoiding a demoralizing film of ERT 
>> by messing with the preferences in writer2latex.xml.  
> Indeed, the script is not necessary if you edit the writer2latex.xml file
> in
> your system, as you've done already. All you need to do is to select the
> appropriate encoding (latin9 is the most popular, after utf8 for latin
> writing
> systems, as you've found out).
> Personally, I prefer to avoid loading a full Office Suite to make the
> conversion, so I bypass them by not saving my googledocs papers into word,
> rtf,
> or odf. Try saving your GoogleDocs documents as HTML, and then convert
> them with
> html2tex. Check
> http://www.iwriteiam.nl/html2tex.html
> All you need is a friendly gcc compiler (or a friend to give it to you),
> and it
> makes the whole work for you with a simple call to the converter.
> Perhaps you may have to call html-tidy to cleanup the HTML source a bit,
> but a
> simple bash script (or in windows, a bat file) will work.
> Small is beautiful,
> Luis.

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