Michael Thompson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Dear Charles, 
> It is very cool grasping how to use sed in however a primitive way.  But on
> further investigation it seems one needs it for a LyX friendly use of
> ``writer2latex'' only if the document has tables, math, images ... or French. 
> With a fairly wide but unscientifically chosen variety of English documents, I
> found that the desiderata of: 
> (a) retaining crucial formatting that an English language Word or OpenOffice 
> or
> docs.google user would likely employ 
> and: 
> (b) avoiding a demoralizing film of ERT 
> by messing with the preferences in writer2latex.xml.  

Indeed, the script is not necessary if you edit the writer2latex.xml file in
your system, as you've done already. All you need to do is to select the
appropriate encoding (latin9 is the most popular, after utf8 for latin writing
systems, as you've found out).

Personally, I prefer to avoid loading a full Office Suite to make the
conversion, so I bypass them by not saving my googledocs papers into word, rtf,
or odf. Try saving your GoogleDocs documents as HTML, and then convert them with
html2tex. Check


All you need is a friendly gcc compiler (or a friend to give it to you), and it
makes the whole work for you with a simple call to the converter.

Perhaps you may have to call html-tidy to cleanup the HTML source a bit, but a
simple bash script (or in windows, a bat file) will work.

Small is beautiful,


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