> I have often used fig2ps (from sourceforge) to transform .fig files
> to .eps and then include the resulting eps file in LyX. (I don't
> remember what started me doing this; there was a problem of
> complexity in my figure a few years ago and this provided the
> solution.)
> It is possible to force specialtext from hte fig2ps command line.

I checked out fig2ps and it is a neat program.

I have been playing around with the converters in LyX,
but I still am not completely clear on all the details
of how they are operating.

It seems like you could define a converter to use
the fig2ps program automatically, without having to
do it by hand.

Even more interesting, it seems like you could use
a fig2ps type of program as a converter to get a
preview with the actual math symbols, rather than
something with the usual $x_2$ types of strings...

This type of thing, if it works, should work both
with a graphics include as well as with an external
file include...

Any suggestions, critiques, or comments?  It would
be very nice to have a preview which included the
actual math, if that could be done easily.  But
maybe such a thing can already be done in a way I
am not familiar with?

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