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Could somebody kindly point me to an understandable explanation of how to use
xfig produced figures in LyX?
Help file Userguide tells me to check for detailed explanation under
ImbeddedObjects but there I canĀ“t find any detailed explanation.

I have quite a number of xfig produced files which are all exported as .eps
files and inserted in the LyX document as floats.

My aim is to have the text of my fig files in the same font and size as the
text in the document. This is not the case now.

Do I have to use for all my fig files the xfig -specialtext or is there a
global command to do that for all files in one run?

And how exactly do I get it into the document? Is it the pstex or the pstex_t file or both? Or is this done internally by LyX? With Enter (Einfuegen) File (Datei) external Material I get the fig file but the text of the pdf output is not scaled correctly (nor the fonts). Somehow I haven't caught the way of
entering it.

I am using version 1.5.4 of LyX
Has 1.5.5 or 1.6 a feature to insert fig files directly and the rest is done
by the program?

Thanks a lot


I have often used fig2ps (from sourceforge) to transform .fig files to .eps and then include the resulting eps file in LyX. (I don't remember what started me doing this; there was a problem of complexity in my figure a few years ago and this provided the solution.)

It is possible to force specialtext from hte fig2ps command line.

The entry in my Makefile (running X-windows on a Mac) is
%.eps : %.fig
        @echo "Making $@ from $<"
        @fig2ps --forcespecial --add=epsfig \
          --input=$(HOME)/aub/2120/notes/2120headf.tex \
          --bbox=dvips --eps $<
        rm `find . -name "*.fig2ps.tmp.*" -print`

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