While I thought that by using two minipages I could place two figures
side-by-side, they're not displaying properly. Perhaps someone here can help
me debug the problem.

  Here's the scenario:

  I defined a custom page size (tabloid, in landscape orientation) by
specifying the geometry package in the preamble:


  All I want on the page are two flowcharts drawn with PSTricks. I put each
flowchart in its own \begin{minipage} ... \end{minipage}, but I have not
defined a \pspicture environment within the minipages. If I put an \hfill
between the two minipages, there is no difference.

  When I view the output in gv each flowchart is on a separate page.
Changing the gv page size to tabloid (and landscape) doesn't do any good.

  A clue stick will be much appreciated.


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