Fresh new user of LyX for a week now, I have been reading the documentation
ever since to try and be as at ease as possible with this great tool.

One thing I didn't find how to do is this :

I am using the "article" layout, which is as close as possible from the
layout I want (I am currently writing an internship report). The only
problem is that I want page breaks after the title page, the ToC page and
before every new section.

I could use the "report" layout" but it is more different of what I'm
looking for (I don't need the "parts" and "chapters", for isntance).

I know I can insert a newpage with the LaTeX command "\newpage", that I've
been using so far, but I'd rather customize a layout so these break pages
were automatic (what is the point of using LyX otherwise ?).

I navigated among the .layout and .inc files, trying to find a property to
change, but I couldn't. I also heard about package inclusion but I didnt'
find any matching my needs.

I would truly appreciate any help.


Paul Morin

LyX version : 1.5.5
OS : Ubuntu 8.04 (kernel 2.6.24-16-generic), with Gnome

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