Paul Morin wrote:
2008/7/31 rgheck <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>

        I could use the "report" layout" but it is more different of
        what I'm
        looking for (I don't need the "parts" and "chapters", for

    You could also try the koma-script article class, which is very

Thanks for the detailed answer, it helps ! Can you tell me which files are related to the article koma script, I didn't find them in the /usr/share/lyx/layouts directory...

This is scrartcl.layout, but you'll want to look at the koma-script documentation, which is in scrguien.pdf. Try "locate scrguien.pdf" at a shell prompt, or use whatever file finder thingy you have available. Or here: These kinds of changes all go into the preamble. LyX won't help you once you're down to this level of customization.

Oh, and keep replies on list, if only so they're archived for future users.


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