On Thursday 31 July 2008 11:53, Paul Morin wrote:
> Hello,
> Fresh new user of LyX for a week now, I have been reading the documentation
> ever since to try and be as at ease as possible with this great tool.
> One thing I didn't find how to do is this :
> I am using the "article" layout, which is as close as possible from the
> layout I want (I am currently writing an internship report). The only
> problem is that I want page breaks after the title page, the ToC page and
> before every new section.
> I could use the "report" layout" but it is more different of what I'm
> looking for (I don't need the "parts" and "chapters", for isntance).
> I know I can insert a newpage with the LaTeX command "\newpage", that I've
> been using so far, but I'd rather customize a layout so these break pages
> were automatic (what is the point of using LyX otherwise ?).
> I navigated among the .layout and .inc files, trying to find a property to
> change, but I couldn't. I also heard about package inclusion but I didnt'
> find any matching my needs.
> I would truly appreciate any help.

Hi Paul,

In my opinion, frontmatter should be fine tuned (put LaTeX code in the doc 
using LyX's LaTeX Code button, also called Evil Red Text (ERT)). That's how 
I'd handle the page breaks after the title page and the ToC page.

For the section pages, I recommend doing just what you said and modifying the 
\section environment inside a layout file of your creation. I've done a lot 
of writing on how to do that on my LyX subsite:


IMHO what you want to do is fairly easy.


Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package

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