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I do have one question, though. The OO file used "text styles" to specify
the formatting of inline source code, names of GUI tools, and chapter
crossreferences. In LyX these show up as ERT, like the boldfaced bit here:
\textstyleInlinecode{for i=0,n-1}
When I click on View DVI, these generate "Undefined control sequence"

I could, of course, use sed or awk to replace these with LyX markup that
would force the "correct" typeface (in this case, the typewriter family),
but I'd rather leave the markup unchanged, and have LyX or LaTeX figure out
what to do.

So my question is: how do I tell LyX or LaTeX that
\textstyleInlinecode{for i=0,n-1}
means to render
for i=0,n-1
with a specified typeface? or at least as "typewriter"?

Early in the TeX file that OO emitted, there should be a definition of the \textstyleInlinecode command, something like \newcommand{\textstyleInlinecode}{...} (or possibly \providecommand rather than \newcommand). If you copy that and paste it into the preamble of your LyX document, it should do the job. For long-term document maintenance I'd be inclined to go the route Richard suggests, but the above should work as a short term hack. The one catch is that it will (hopefully) display the text correctly in the PDF (or whatever) output, but in the LyX GUI I believe you'll get the LyX commands and not the formatted text.


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