Drew Kime wrote:

Does anyone know of a tool that helps in the building of new styles? I've
learned enough Latex to tweak existing styles, etc. but I'm a writer, not a
typesetter. I know my book looks better when I use Lyx/Latex than with
something like OpenOffice, so I'll keep using it. Still, every time I have
to dig into Latex code to change a style, I think about how easy that is to
do in OOo.

Even if a good "style editor" is made, it won't save you from needing some latex knowledge. Such a thing can easily save you from having to know the format of .layout files though, they are LyX constructs.

But once you need some special latex command, you still have to know that command. Unless someone makes a style editor that knows all of latex, which isn't realistic.

Helge Hafting

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