Rich Shepard wrote:

  In the View menu I have three pdf options: dvipdfm, pdflatex, and ps2pdf.
With the original syntax none of the three produce the logo. Also, exporting
to a .tex file using the pdflatex option rather than the plain TeX option
also doesn't work here.

Exporting to a .tex file (pdflatex) and either using an absolute path for the image or putting it in the same directory as the .tex file works here, to the extent that the "institution-logo" thing goes away and I get an itsy-bitsy logo image (or a decent size one if I substitute a different version of the image file, either PNG or PDF). I can't imagine why that wouldn't work for you, although I did find a bug report that indicated some unfortunate user had an old version of pgf.sty lying around that was being picked up in preference to the more recent one. Somewhere buried in the LaTeX log file I think you'll find the version number/date of pgf.sty. (Mine is v 1.12 2008/01/15, which is what was mentioned in the follow-up to the bug report as the correct version.) The poster there said he hosed the older directory, ran texhash and fixed the problem.

Enjoy the trip.


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