Steve Litt <sl...@...> writes:
> I use \enlargethispage on my eBook book cover, but I really don't understand 
> it. What you said about keeping something all together sounded interesting, 
> because I know as figures start approaching 1/4 page in each length, ugly 
> spacing issues happen. Could you please explain the details of 
> \enlargethispage to all of us?

well, I am far from being a pro, but \enlargethispage simply does that: enlarge
the current page - from a latex documentation:

"Enlarge the \textheight for the current page by the specified amount; e.g.
\enlargethispage{\baselineskip} will allow one additional line"

"The starred form tries to squeeze the material together on the page as much as
possible. This is normally used together with an explicit \pagebreak"

if you have a lot of large figures in a chapter (which i do) it can be difficult
to have them in the place where you would like them and also have a good looking
text - enlargethispage gives you an additional amount of freedom in that case,
so that the paragraph does not continue on the next page with only a few words 


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