On 2009-06-11, Ralf wrote:
> Guenter Milde <mi...@...> writes:
>> On 2009-06-10, Ralf wrote:

>> How about creating this keybinding yourself?

> + Alright, probably worthwhile to get familiar with Macros sooner or
>   later - but probably later for me, no time ...

I found an even longer example in my bind file:

# insert a centered graphic in a figure float:
\bind "C-S-B"     "command-sequence float-insert figure; break-paragraph; 
ert-insert; self-insert \centering ;inset-toggle;graphics-insert"

which could be scaled down to your needs:

* Open Werkzeuge>Einstellungen>Bearbeiten>Tastenk├╝rzel

* Click on the button [Neu].

* Insert 

   command-sequence ert-insert; self-insert \enlargethispage{\baselineskip}
  as "Funktion".
* Set a binding.

* [OK]


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