On 2009-06-10, Ralf wrote:
> Hi All,

> how often do we need the \enlargethispage{\baselineskip} ?
> Well, I use it quite a lot since I have a lot of large figures and sometimes I
> just need an extra line to keep it all together.

> Instead of typing the ERT each time, it would be fancy to have a button
> (and/or shortcut) that includes it ... how do you folks think?

I don't think this is widely used/needed by the general public.

How about creating this keybinding yourself?

It should be something like 
"command-sequence; ert-insert; insert \enlargethispage{\baselineskip}"

I do not remember the exact macro names now.

* Have a look at the LyX wiki for help with customizing bindings using

* Try the command sequence in the minibuffer (Alt-x ...) first.

Alternatively, you could consider defining a special Style in a layout
module and select it via the Style drop-down list (or again a shortcut).

Make sure to document your solution, either in a follow up or (more
durable) in the LyX wiki at wiki.lyx.org.


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