If you really need Verdana, you must use XeTeX. This is not officially
supported (yet) but there are workarounds. Search for XeTeX at the wiki

On 2009-06-13, Richard Talley wrote:

> It can be hard to find typefaces that look excellent on paper and on
> screen (and on both Windows and OS X). Sometimes I'll reset a document
> in a different typeface when I print it out. The technical documents
> I'm producing right now I'm putting in Bera (based on Vera Bitstream,
> realist family) as a reasonable compromise.

Bitstream Vera (or the extended version DejaVy) is the font used by
OpenOffice: like Verdana it is designed for good appearance in both
on-screen and printed documents. It is supported in LaTeX by the two
packages 'bera' (Vera serif) and 'arev' (sans serif with math support).


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