Pavel Sanda schrieb:
Matthias Bußjäger wrote:
I have a question to Lyx 1.6.2 / 1.6.3 used on Windows XP.

If I type a text in Lyx there's a delay of approximately half a second to
one second between typing a character and the illustration in the display.
This is really annoying when writing a text speedy.
I also use Lyx on Debian. There it's in real-time and a pleasure to write!

So, can anyone tell me, what's the problem using Lyx on Windows XP ?

I found no bug report, is this problem only in my case?

from time to time somebody report this on a different platforms and its
usually problem to pinpoint where is the problem. which processes take
most cpu time when you type fastly in the task manager? there was problem
with speed on 1.6.2 and many child documents in 1.6.2, fixed in 1.6.3.
are your .lyx files placed on some net or usb device?


I just tried it again with a new document on my internal hdd in Lyx 1.6.3.
If I just type lots of characters in really short time, lyx needs longer to illustrate the text in the display (I can watch the illustration of characters after stop typing). During this time Lyx needs 99% of the cpu time, so I don't wonder about this fact!
It's much better than in Lyx 1.6.2, but not as perfect as on Linux.
My system is a Thinkpad X41 with 1,5Gb Ram and 1,6GHz Pentium M CPU, this should be enough...


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