Florian Rubach wrote:
Matthias Bußjäger schrieb:
I have a question to Lyx 1.6.2 / 1.6.3 used on Windows XP.

If I type a text in Lyx there's a delay of approximately half a second to one second between typing a character and the illustration in the display.
This is really annoying when writing a text speedy.
I also use Lyx on Debian. There it's in real-time and a pleasure to write!

So, can anyone tell me, what's the problem using Lyx on Windows XP ?

I found no bug report, is this problem only in my case?


I experienced typing delay when I had the Latex-Source-windoe opened and both checkboxes activated (complete source and auto-update). Maybe you have unchecked the "complete source" on your debian machine.

Thanks for answering, I already tried this without a change of behaviour (in Lyx 1.6.2 this was a big change in behaviour). I really would like to use Lyx only on Linux, but at work there's only Windows XP where I can write my Thesis.
Perhaps I should write it in Word and import the text at home on Linux...


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