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> Rainer:
>> >> 1) When I export the lyx file, it obviously overwrites the one with
>> >> the other. I therefore have to export the article(beamer), rename it,
>> >> change the document class to presentation(beamer), export it again and
>> >> preferably rename it as well to make sure that I don't overwrite it
>> >> again after I changed the document class to presentation(beamer). Is
>> >> there a way of automatically adding _article when the article is
>> >> selected and _presentation when presentation is selected?
>> >> 2) following that, is there a way of creating both at the same time?
>> >> Effectively exporting, renaming, changing, exporting, renaming as a
>> >> script which is executed when I export?
> Nikos:
>> > Hi Rainer!
>> >
>> > Ehm... I am curious: do you use the "same" document to export once as an
>> > article and once as a presentation? If so, how does it work?
> Rainer:
>> Yes. I have two document classes /layouts ( presentation(beamer) and
>> article(beamer) ) and this is the only difference in the two files.
>> When I export it with the article(beamer) class, it is printed as an
>> article, with all ArticleMode insets. When I change it to
>> presentation(beamer) I get a presentation with everything.
>> This is extremely convenient, as I can keep the presentation and the
>> handout in one document / lyx file (which is one of the advantages of
>> beamer).
> This sounds like eXtremely convenient. I never thought of this possible.
> If you don't mind to share some small example file, I would appreciate
> you help a lot.
> Actually I will right away try to change a beamer presentation I have to
> article(beamer) and see if it is exported without problems.

The only problem I encountered were:
1) presentations I created earliuer, had problems with the paper size.
I copied the content simply into a new document of class
presentation(beamer) and then the article(beamer) also worked.
2)Some (I found only one) options for beamer seem to be causing
problems: the one I found is beamerdefaultoverlayspecification. If you
add the following to the preamble, it works:
Effectively, they are only evaluated for presentations.

Otherwise: straight forward. Try it out: if it does not work, I can
send a small example.

>> > If not, then what's the big deal of giving different names (as one
>> > should do) to your documents (article != presentation).
>> (are you using R as well?)
>> Obviously - different documents == different nlyx files == different names
>> at least when they are in the same directory. If they are in different
>> directories, that is not a problem.
> Yes, I use R as well :-)
> Great piece of information. We should cc to the list, don't you think
> so?

Yes - sorry. Replied accidently only to you. I'll send it to the list as well.

> Thanks, Nikos

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