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> 2) following that, is there a way of creating both at the same time?
> Effectively exporting, renaming, changing, exporting, renaming as a
> script which is executed when I export?

My approach to do this is to include the beamer presentation as a child to 
another document, which is of "article (beamer)" class. That way, I get the 
presentation by viewing the presentation document only, and the article by 
viewing the master (article) file. The only annoying thing is that LyX spits 
a warning about differing text classes every time I view the master. The 
good news, though, is that you can disable this warning as of forthcoming 
LyX 1.6.4.

There are some caveats:
* the preamble content of the presentation, if any, must be copied to the 
article preamble as well.
* the article must include an empty frame (this is to trigger some internal 
preamble code)

See the attached example article file. It includes the beamer template that 
ships with LyX. You might have to adjust the path in the include inset.


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