Rainer M Krug wrote:

> One could include the preamble as an include as well, I guess?

Yes. Actually, I have setup (for my lectures) two style files, a beamer-
article.sty and a beamer-presentation.sty, which include a common subset 
(not everything in the presentation is relevant for the article, and vice 
versa) plus some specific settings for both products (for instance, I want 
sans serif TIPA fonts in the presentation, but serif in the article).

Another helpful thing is branches: If you define a branch in the 
presentation only, it will be ignored by the article. Thus you can just 
"branch" stuff you don't want in the article. Vice versa, you can define a 
branch "article" which is disabled in the presentation. This is a nice 
extension to the available article/presentation modes of beamer.


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