Dear all. I'm trying to use biblatex with lyx, using the verbose
style. I followed carefully the instructions in the wiki. Lyx compiles
the document, but instead of showing full citations for the first time
a reference is used, I only get the key for the reference in the PDF.
This is the preamble I'm using:


I redefine the cite and citep commands to use footnote cites, but
that's it. You can see the output in an attached PDF. The weird part
is that if I export the document to latex and compile it by hand, the
desired result is obtained. I believe that maybe LyX is not compiling
the bibliography as it should and it only shows the results of a badly
constructed bbl file.

Does anybody know about this problem? I have to work on a big document
and I think biblatex is the way to go, but not at the cost of having
to work directly on Latex.
Julio Rojas

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