rgheck wrote:
On 08/11/2009 03:31 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
How can I embed a spreadsheet (MS Excel I assume) into a LyX or LaTeX
If you do want it to be editable, then I have no idea.

This could turn into a viewer issue (at least partially), depending on what Steve has in mind. There are four "levels" of embedding I can think of:

1. Static (data is copied in once, does not change if the spreadsheet changes). There've been a few responses on the list along those lines.

2. Dynamic (the LyX doc contains a non-interactive table, but it automagically updates if the spreadsheet changes). With other programs, this typically requires DDE (on Windows), but it could probably be faked with a script that the user would run manually. The script would have to crank up the spreadsheet and dump the relevant table(s) to some sort of intermediate file(s) (CSV?).

3. Static link (user sees a link in the LyX doc, clicks it to open the spreadsheet in an external program). I doubt this is what Steve wants, since embedding links in LyX docs is well known.

4. Dynamic link (user sees a table in the LyX doc, and can interact with it, making changes in the spreadsheet). This would typically occur with the user reading the finished product (PDF, DVI) in a viewer, not reading it in LyX, so you get into issues of whether the viewer program supports this sort of embedding. For instance, if you export the document in HTML and view it in a browser, I think there are browser plugins that let you edit a spreadsheet in situ (although I confess I've never done it).


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