G. Jay Kerns wrote:
Dear LyX-Users,

I am on Ubuntu Linux.  If I run lyx from a terminal, then along with
the LyX window I get a terminal where I can see what LyX is thinking
when it generates PDFs, etc.  This is a very useful debugging tool,
but I only need it a relatively small fraction of the time I am using

On the other hand, I can never predict when I am going to need it.
And if I run LyX from the Desktop icon, say, then I don't get the
terminal showing LyX's thought processes.  If I get to someplace where
I need the terminal (especially when I am doing something with
Sweave), the only solution I have found is to close LyX and open it up
again with a terminal.

Is there some Linux trick, where I can open LyX, say, from the Desktop
without a terminal, but on-the-fly open up a terminal (or is there
even some other mechanism) to see what LyX is thinking?

I believe you can make a script that opens LyX with a terminal - but
a minimized terminal. One that disappear as soon as LyX is closed.

If you need the information, just restore the minimized terminal.

Helge Hafting

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