G. Jay Kerns wrote:
I believe you can make a script that opens LyX with a terminal - but
a minimized terminal. One that disappear as soon as LyX is closed.

If you need the information, just restore the minimized terminal.

Helge Hafting

Thanks, Helge.

I did some searching and it seems like I can replace the command

lyx %F

in the launcher with

gnome-terminal -e lyx %F

and it will open a terminal (not minimized, though).

I use the rxvt terminal emulator, which can be started minimized
like this:

rxvt -iconic

I don't have gnome-terminal, but you may try the command
man gnome-terminal
to see if it takes some option for starting minimized. Just put
such options before the "-e lyx %F" in your launcher command.

Helge Hafting

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