Uwe, thank you very much for your comments about my reply to Luca. In my case I have finished a book about trigonometry with 386 pages and obviously there are a lot of formulas and his deduction. All my problem with the method that I sended is reduced to copy and paste for the tables and matrices with too much rows.

Respect to your second kindly comment, in the Spanish Navy Naval Military School (I am Commander in the Spanish Navy, Hydrographer) the brackets are omited in the notation to the half addition or difference of trigonometrical functions because the formula,


in purity is the product of sin1/2 (I suppose in radians) and the addition of the angles A and B (also in radians). But in astronomical navigation this has no sense when we use, normally, the Delambre Analogies for the position triangle calculus, so we omit the brackets.

Regards Yago.
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Yago schrieb:

Without new commands, for matrix you can use the command \vspace like in the attachedd file that presents the Delambre Analogies in a matrix.

This is indeed also a solution but might need more time when you have many rows and columns.

Looking at you file I noticed that you are using terms like
This is incorrect typesetting. The correct one is this:
(the 1/2 in in the argument of the function)

regards Uwe

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