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Uwe, in the page 2 you have on top an specific trigonometric example (Blancos) without brackets.

As I stated in my last email this document is not correct because it violates the norm ISO 31 although the document states that it follows it.

And more, when I say that the brackets are no necessary is because LaTeX add a little space between the function and his argument. So the reality is that LaTeX don't type,
cos 2vt
with a little more space after "cos" and this is very comprehensive for everybody.

This is nevertheless against the possibility to omit the braces only for 1 or 2 characters in the argument as defined in the norm.
Don't you own a math or physics book or at least a school book? There you ca 
see how it is done.

Please don't mention me the Wikipedia because this resource isn't at all a "canon" for nothing.

The Wikipedia is the most impartial resource you can find. When you think there's something wrong you can correct it and cite other resources like books and norms. And furthermore, as everybody is writing it, mathematicians, as well as engineers, physicists, etc., the typesetting follows the common rules to avoid misunderstandings. (You are a military officer and know that most conflicts arise only out of misunderstandings.)

regards Uwe

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