On Sun, 2009-09-27 at 18:06 -0700, Phil wrote:
> For me, it works only if remove option.....nopsheader
> > I've tried putting nopsheader, orient=landscape, mode=present,
> > paper=screen into the class options to no avail.  Page layout is greyed
> > out as well.

Well, part of the problem stemmed from my belief that the powerdot
documentation was to be taken literally. They make a statement about
putting the above into the options, which I obediently did.  Once I
remove them, the presentation comes up "normally."  

Unfortunately this depends on what creates the pdf file (which is my
ultimate goal, of course).

dvipdfm - looks good as screen mode, but overlays show through as grey
which I don't want. Xpdf is the same.

pdflatex - this NEVER works.  It dies in compilation with errors.

ps2pdf - the greyed overlays are gone (totally hidden--good!), but the
orientation is bad.  It's placed on letter-portrait.

If I add "orient=portrait" then I can see it all with dvipdfm but the
greyed out material persists.  Links (contents) don't work.   ps2pdf
works fine and all is seen.  

I have yet to find a combo (variations of letter=/orient=) which works
the way I thought things would go to produce a full screen version,
except plain portrait mode.  ps2pdf is the only converter which properly
creates a presentation with overlays completely out of sight.

I'm glad to get the portrait version, but it would be nice to get a
"normal" slide as well.

I don't know where the problem is except that perhaps the way things get
translated from LyX to LaTeX to the pdf files gets messed up from
whatever standard powerdot needs to create a normal result. 

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