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I wanted rows with 3 columns. Column 1 is the name of the graphic. Column 2 is the graphic itself. Column 3 is a short explanation of the graphic. I used individual 1 row, 3 column tables to save room and make sure pages broke

Trouble is, no matter how I set cell alignment in any of the columns, the graphic always rises to the top, and the text (in other columns/ cells mind you) always starts just below where the graphic ends, thereby costing a lot of
space, looking ugly, and causing confusion.

Does anyone have an idea how to get the graphic and text to line up correctly, vertically, within their respective cells? Does anyone have any idea what
would cause the behavior I describe?

Hi Steve,

have you tried using minipages instead? In my experience they tend to be less fragile than tables. I have never tried 3 columns (just 2 so far), but that shouldn't matter. Just insert 3 minipages side by side with a width of 33% \textwidth and a \hfill in between.


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