Thanks Daniel,

Yeah, I tried a minipage containing three minipages just before I wrote the
original email. It walked waaaaaay off the right side of the page.

Hmmm, but I didn't try the textwidth and hfill. Where would I place the \textwidth, and how would I back it out once all these triples are complete?

Hi Steve,

the width of the minipage can be set up in its settings; the hfill can be entered in LyX via "Insert->Formatting->Horizontal Space...". However, never mind -- the "hfill trick" works only with two columns, for three we need to do something different.

Attached is a LyX file with three minipages in a row. I have set the width of each minipage to 0.3\textwidth (30 textwidth% in the LyX minpage settings) and inserted a horizontal space of 0.05\textwidth (5 textwidth%) in between, so the complete row should sum up to 100 textwidth%.

The spacing has to be done via ERT, as LyX does not allow to enter relative dimensions in the "Horizontal Space" dialog.

It's pretty obvious -- once you have seen it. Well LyX and LaTeX tend to be like that :-)

Have fun,


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