Thanks Yago!

It took me about 3 hours, but I exploited the difference between your working 
doc and my broken doc (described in the original message (quoted text)). I've 
found that LyX tables are really twitchy in regards to vertical alignment of 
text and graphics, but came up with these requirements to get them all 
centered vertically:

1) Every cell in the row must be set vertically middle
2) Every cell in the row must have a specified width

You notice the subject says "partially solved." The "partially" comes from the 
fact that for unknown reasons, some cells have the vertical alignment dropdown 
grayed out and you can't change them without a lot of random tweaking around. 
I also noticed that sometimes you have to recompile the doc a few times after 
implementing the two requirements before the PDF looks right (and yes, I 
reload the PDF in acroread every time).

So there's some odd stuff going on that I'll need to research. But for the 
time being, I can continue my document, thanks to your providing me with a 
working document with which I could experiment.

Thanks very much!


On Tuesday 12 January 2010 12:32:12 Yago wrote:
> Hello.
> See the attached files lyx and tex. I began with the tex file and then this
> was imported to lyx; this is more easy for me. The command
> \renewcommand{\tablename}{Table} is because I work in spanish language.
> Regards.
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> Subject: Lining up text and graphics in tables?
> > Ugh!
> >
> > I wanted rows with 3 columns. Column 1 is the name of the graphic. Column
> > 2 is
> > the graphic itself. Column 3 is a short explanation of the graphic. I
> > used individual 1 row, 3 column tables to save room and make sure pages
> > broke reasonably.
> >
> > Trouble is, no matter how I set cell alignment in any of the columns, the
> > graphic always rises to the top, and the text (in other columns/cells
> > mind you) always starts just below where the graphic ends, thereby
> > costing a lot of
> > space, looking ugly, and causing confusion.
> >
> > Does anyone have an idea how to get the graphic and text to line up
> > correctly,
> > vertically, within their respective cells? Does anyone have any idea what
> > would cause the behavior I describe?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
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