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>M-L a écrit :
>> Debian Testing [Squeeze] Using LyX Version 1.6.5
>> Letter [KOMA - Script-v.2]
>> This in my preamble as per the template for that letter style [only
>> the number has changed]:
>> % vertical position of the address field
>> \...@addtoplength{toaddrvpos}{2mm}
>> What command do I add: 
>> * preceding that
>> * to that, or
>> * following that
>> To add a bit more space above the address?
>> \vspace*{2cm} in various places and in various ways doesn't cut it.
>> I must be doing something wrong?
>> TIA
>> Charlie
>May be I don't understand the question, but to add a bit more space 
>above the address you only need to change the value 2mm (which is 
>precisely the measure of the vertical space added to the predefined 
>address position) to what you want it to be (2cm):

Thank you Jean-Marie,

But what that does is add space "below" the address field in my
experimentation up to 21cm.

Just tried it again to be certain and am not giving you false

Thank you for your reply.

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