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>M-L a écrit :
>> [...]
>> I must be on the wrong track then, and my apologies to Jean-Marie and
>> yourself.
>> It is the "Sender Name" that has my name and address so obviously I
>> am looking at the wrong thing?
>> So renew my question:
>> Debian Testing [Squeeze] Using LyX Version 1.6.5
>> Letter [KOMA - Script-v.2]
>> Which of the commands below affect the "Sender Name" field
>If you look at the manual scrguien.pdf everything you need is visible
>in figure 6.1: "Schematic of letter paper's pseudo lengths". The
>pseudo length for Sender Name vertical position is called
>"firstheadvpos". To adjust it you can add in the preamble:
>You can also create your own "lco" parameter file (derived from the 
>DIN.lco you are using) to suit your needs.

Thank you very much for that pointer and information. I have the
scrguien.pdf on my hard drive and I will look through it.

Many thanks once again.

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