I am having strange and irreproducible results 
with Master and Child documents. I wanted to 
check here first before submitting it as a bug.

I work mostly on large document in the form 
of a single master document with many 
included files containing chapters. With the 
master document open, the outline windows 
(in table of contents (TOC) view) nicely shows 
all the chapters in the entire document.

For some of my projects, the entire TOC shows 
up even if I only open up a child document, 
and I can call up the master document from 
the Navigate menu.

For other projects (perhaps more recent ones) 
the TOC will only show up for the current chapter, 
and the Navigate menu has no link to for the master.

In all my real document and a few test cases 
I do define the master document in the document 
settings for the child.

Has anybody seen the same behavior?  Perhaps I am 
missing some setting that causes this to happen.



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