>>  If I choose Times Roman for roman font, what
>> font I must to choose for sans serif font If I want to
>> obtain an aesthetically coherent aspect?
> Times is a font designed for newspapers (New York Times).
> Its glyphs are therefore thinner with less space between
> them. When you want to write a book, I could therefore not
> recommend Times as font.

I am using two columns in the book, therefore I am interested exactly in that: 
glyphs thinner with less space between.
> To get "aesthetically coherent aspect" for all 3 font
> types, the best is to use the corresponding Latin Modern
> font.

Yes, but encounter that font is of too thin outlines. I believe that it brings 
problems at the time of going to the press.
> >  The same for Bookman font.

> regards Uwe


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