Ingar Pareliussen schrieb:

>@ Ingar: LyX needs your translation help. LyX 1.6.6 comes out in 2 weeks and perhaps you find the
 >time to update no.po and/or nn.po.

Yes, I know. Sadly my schedule is the next month is quite full (edit one book, write one bookchapter and my regular work on top), and it might be difficult to find the time.

No problem. For LyX 2.0 there is more time to update the translation (at least 2 month I think).

It would be easier to find the time if I knew that there were people in addition to me that used these languages :). (send me a email). I promise anyway that I will come back and do better job for the next version.

Yes, everybody using Norsk is hereby invited to work on the translation.

thanks and regards

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