Ingar Pareliussen wrote:
@ Ingar: LyX needs your translation help. LyX 1.6.6 comes out in 2 weeks and perhaps you find the time to update no.po and/or nn.po.

Yes, I know. Sadly my schedule is the next month is quite full (edit one book, write one bookchapter and my regular work on top), and it might be difficult to find the time.

It would be easier to find the time if I knew that there were people in addition to me that used these languages :). (send me a email). I promise anyway that I will come back and do better job for the next version.

There are 4 norwegian lyx users where I work. :-)

I try working on nb.po now and then. Unfortunately, I have run into an odd problem:

I can use "M p 3" to select "section", but not "M p * 3" to select "section*".

This is clearly a problem with my translation, because the problem
only shows when using the nb language. Unfortunately, I have no idea what causes this. Last time it happened, I had used a "forbidden"
keyboard shortcut. But I couldn't find something like that
this time.

So I plan on a "binary search", blanking out half of the
translations in a test po-file. I should be able to find
the bad entry/entries this way - the problem is, as usual,
to find time. :-/

Helge Hafting

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