2010/7/6 pierrickuk <luluflake2000-nab...@yahoo.fr>:
> Hi there,
> I am posting this as 2 hours of searching got me nowhere so far.
> I am writing some instructions manual to set up some software my company is
> distributing.
> For this I need to put some linux console commands for which I use the
> LyX-code format. Everything is fine unless the line is too long and then get
> wrapped. As some of our customer might not know much about linux, I am
> afraid they might hit return at the end of the line.
> So I am looking for a way to automatically indicate that the line is wrapped
> to fit on a page (preferably by some special symbol not used in a
> terminal/console).
> Maybe there is some LaTeX package that would work, or some trick I am not
> aware of... Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction here.

I met opposite practice to mark places when user has to hit enter with
a graphical mark of typewriter's carriage return ("↵") and proper
comment about meaning of this sign in the book content. It could be
grey to avoid confusion it is a part of text to enter. I saw a book
where it was even a small photography (or rendering) of enter key.

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